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In the middle of beautiful gardens, you will find our two rooms areas “Nahuat” y “Las Aves”.

“Nahuat”, Called like this in honor of our ancestors “The Pipil Natives”, that inhabited this lands after the Mayas, who were the firsts settlers of this area of America, leaving a legacy of a ceremonial center that dates 600 B.C. These Ceremonial Center is now known as “Santa Leticias Archaeological Site. This Area of the Hotel has 11 bedrooms.

“Las Aves”, Being Santa Leticia a Shade Coffee Farm, and located in the mountain chain called, “Cordillera de Ilamatepeque”, this natural corridor for migratory and local birds, makes Santa Leticia, a perfect habitat for more than 250 species. This is why this area is called “Las Aves”, and it has 8 double bedrooms.


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